EcoVille Solar Technologies
was founded in Armenia

2004 – 2014

Developed 30MW (110mln kWh annual production)
of 10 hydro power plants


Extended its operations to solar photovoltaic and solar water heating businesses


Became an official partner with world-renowned Austrian solar inverter manufacturer - Fronius International


Became an official partner with a leading Tier-1 solar panel manufacturer in the world - JA Solar Holdings


Started its international operations in Georgian market through its local branch


Continued the expansion of its operations to Eastern European, Middle Eastern and Central Asian markets


Set up a new direction of its business – electric vehicles and electric charging stations


Solarify, an American company, took over EcoVille.

• A highly qualified team of more than 250 people
• 70mW of solar projects designed and installed in 2021
• 10 000 units of residential solar water heating systems installed from 2017-2021

Your Solar Benefits

Don’t Pay for electricity

Going solar can significantly save you on your monthly electric bill charges.

Start Saving From Day 1

How? From the very first bill your monthly payments to the bank for owning the solar system will be much less than you would pay otherwise to the grid.

Avoid Power Outages

When you have a solar system coupled with a battery storage, you will avoid power outages happening in the grid because of bad quality transmission lines, lack of proper management and other factors.

Protect Yourself From Permanent Electricity Price Hikes

It is no secret that electricity prices for consumers have been rising dramatically in the recent years. And there is no reason to think why they should not continue to increase in the future. Going solar will help you avoid paying double for your electric bill in 10-15 years.

Own a Solar System With $0 Down

The current financing options by our partner banks and finance organizations allow our customers to generate their own electricity without having to pay a cent upfront.

Increase the Value of Your Home

A solar system on your roof can increase the value of your home and make your property more demanded.

Save the Environment

Solar panels help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Saving the environment today will help our children have a better quality of life tomorrow.

Customer reviews

Our Team


Our team is a big family and each family member finds a great support from peers with any issue they may have. Our staff members can benefit from a privileged compensation structure, at the same time getting an opportunity to receive education and trainings in leading solar academies.

Tigran Okhanyan

Tigran Okhanyan

Chairman of Board

Vardanin Hovsepyan

Vardanin Hovsepyan

Board Member

Giorgi Usanetashvili

Giorgi Usanetashvili

Chief Executive Officer

Mary Melkonyan

Mary Melkonyan

Digital Marketing Specialist

Karen Grigoryan

Karen Grigoryan

Head of Marketing


Konstantin Khizanov

Chief Engineer



Our mission focuses on providing world-class customer experience, and we can’t do it without hiring and developing world-class employees like you.

You will get personalized attention to structured career development to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Whether you grow with us or “leave the nest”, you are sure to have new skills to empower you to solve problems and lead others.